me Murukesh Mohanan

Back to Dihing!

  1. Thoughts on Life

So, finally I’m, back in Dihing, my second home… It does feel great to be back. I wonder what New year celebrations would be like with so few students here. Aside from the return to home2 part, most of it has been quite annoying. I landed in Guwahati at 1:30 in the morning on the 30th (that’s 12 hours late, half a day wasted!), waited five and a half hours for the bus, lugged my luggage to the hostel, where I find the mess and canteen closed, the tubelight in my room not working, and no balance in my phone, and the validity period over too. Then I went to Barak to breakfast, and lo!, its aloo paratha, and I hate parathas.