me Murukesh Mohanan

Michael Crichton - A Great Author

  1. Literature

Jurassic Park and The Lost World are movies that almost everyone I know have seen. These movies prompted me to read the novels, and, out of curiosity and knowing that novels always contain more detail than movies, I did read them, laying my hands on a second hand copy of Jurassic Park, and later on The Lost World. Thus did I start reading books by Crichton, on of my favourite authors. It did shock (and dishearten) me to learn that he died on November 4, 2008, due to cancer (I learned it only a week after, when I checked the Wiki article on him).

Back to Dihing!

  1. Thoughts on Life

So, finally I’m, back in Dihing, my second home… It does feel great to be back. I wonder what New year celebrations would be like with so few students here. Aside from the return to home2 part, most of it has been quite annoying. I landed in Guwahati at 1:30 in the morning on the 30th (that’s 12 hours late, half a day wasted!), waited five and a half hours for the bus, lugged my luggage to the hostel, where I find the mess and canteen closed, the tubelight in my room not working, and no balance in my phone, and the validity period over too. Then I went to Barak to breakfast, and lo!, its aloo paratha, and I hate parathas.