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Currently contains a nifty .zshrc, vimrc, and some plugins:

In addition, I wrote my own plugin for using Vim as a MANPAGER: vim-manpager.

Old plugins:

Setting up usually goes:

  1. Clone to a folder, say ~/home (recursively, so that the zsh plugin is pulled in)
  2. Copy files from there: cp ~/home/. ~/ -ar

Once done:

vim -c PlugUpdate

And optionally:

vim -c PlugUpgrade

The .vim used to be in a separate repo, then I merged it into home.

Some scripts

These and more can be found on my scripts repo. github


A CV template in LaTeX (modified from one obtained online, original included): gitlab

A Cann Table

Pts Clubs (GD)
0 Arsenal (0) Aston Villa (0) Bournemouth (0) Brighton (0) Burnley (0) Chelsea (0) Crystal Palace (0) Everton (0) Leicester (0) Liverpool (0) Man City (0) Man Utd (0) Newcastle (0) Norwich (0) Sheff Utd (0) Southampton (0) Tottenham (0) Watford (0) West Ham (0) Wolves (0)
Generated on Monday, 17 June 2019 at 10:01 JST.

I have followed the banding used by @7amkickoff. This table was updated weekly via a cronjob. The data is scraped from the PL site without any permission. Hopefully this will count as personal use. :)