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My super-awesome System76 Bonobo Extreme!

  1. Technology

I got the high-end Linux laptop available in the market: the System76 Bonobo Extreme. It is certainly my prized possession, way more awesome than anything I have ever owned, and anything I am likely to own in the next few years. I am not a professional reviewer by a long shot, but after two weeks of using the bonx6, I thought I’d post some of my observations.

First off, this thing is huge! A 17.3” screen, a full-fledged keyboard with an inch-wide bezel on the sides, an inch-high base, a power brick that’s more than twice the size (in all dimensions) of that of my old Dell Vostro 1088’s or that of my parents’ Samsung. There’s an 89.2 WHr battery in it, which is quite different in shape from the usual elongated ones: It’s rectangular. The clickpad is nice and large, with multi-touch. I love the large display - after years of squeezing out every pixel from a 14” 1366x768 screen, having a 17.3” 1920x1080 display is like switching from my old hostel grounds to the football field. I won’t list the specifics, the list is available on the website.

There are a number of things which strike me about the bonx6:

I love everything else about the bonx6 – the display, the backlit keyboard, the looks, the size, the clickpad, the desktop-beating level of power contained within this beauty, the Ubuntu sticker that System76 gave which I put on it, the abundance of ports, the fact that it came preinstalled with Ubuntu and that System76 supports Linux and not Windows! Thank you so much, System76, for making this awesome thing possible! And thanks to my best friend Roshan for telling me about System76! You rock, bro!