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COnfiguration of various software that I use

Enabling HTTPS

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So, it’s been around a year and a half since I set up this site. At the time I shifted to Github pages and got a custom domain, I had thought about setting up HTTPS. For several reasons, I’m a proponent of an HTTPS-only web. Where I can, I try to make it so.

Yet another Jekyll post

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I shifted my personal site to Jekyll some time ago, but I hadn’t yet fully embraced it. Now that I’d decided to blog again, I set about using Jekyll to see if it could provide support for the blogger Hyde in me. (Yes, yes, that was terrible.)


  1. Vim
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Long, long ago, in a hostel room far, far away, I once read about using Vim as the pager for man. It involved using some script which made vim behave like less (or something like that). I’d stumbled upon it while trying to make reading manpages more comfortable, with syntax colouring, navigation, etc.

Moving to Arch

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I’m not sure why, but Ubuntu takes a hell of a long time to start. The best I could get was 59s - and on occasion it even went to 1:15! If you think this isn’t a cause for concern, this might tell you why it is.