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Arch on Alienware

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It’s been 4½ years since I bought my System76 laptop, and it is showing its age. Back in 2013, an NVIDIA GT670 MX was a pretty decent laptop graphics card (which meant it couldn’t hold a candle to the desktop graphics cards). But I was able to play Hitman: Absolution, the various Mass Effect games, Tomb Raider and so on on it, and with OK graphics levels and resolutions. Fast forward to 2017, and we have HITMAN, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and the 670MX really struggled with them (I don’t have Origins, but it struggled with Unity). And so I decided to upgrade. After casting my net far and wide, I decided against going for a laptop again. My current laptop is functioning pretty much as a desktop1, so I might as well get another desktop.

  1. Not because of battery issues, but because I burnt(!) the LVDS cable 

Signing off from IITB

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So, after all this time, I’m finally bidding good bye to IITB. I finished my MTP work on July 4, got my degree on August 13, but it is today that I feel I’m finally leaving this place. In three days I will be moving to Tokyo and that separation has a finality to it that my brief stay in Pune didn’t — after all, if I wanted, I could reach the campus in about 6 hours from Pune. :laughing:

Enabling HTTPS

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So, it’s been around a year and a half since I set up this site. At the time I shifted to Github pages and got a custom domain, I had thought about setting up HTTPS. For several reasons, I’m a proponent of an HTTPS-only web. Where I can, I try to make it so.

Yet another Jekyll post

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I shifted my personal site to Jekyll some time ago, but I hadn’t yet fully embraced it. Now that I’d decided to blog again, I set about using Jekyll to see if it could provide support for the blogger Hyde in me. (Yes, yes, that was terrible.)


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Long, long ago, in a hostel room far, far away, I once read about using Vim as the pager for man. It involved using some script which made vim behave like less (or something like that). I’d stumbled upon it while trying to make reading manpages more comfortable, with syntax colouring, navigation, etc.