Murukesh Mohanan


  1. Vim
  2. Configuration

Long, long ago, in a hostel room far, far away, I once read about using Vim as the pager for man. It involved using some script which made vim behave like less (or something like that). I’d stumbled upon it while trying to make reading manpages more comfortable, with syntax colouring, navigation, etc.


  1. Literature

There’s something about 3: They say bad/good things come in threes. Some things in my life have been in threes: My favourite science fiction authors: Asimov, Clarke and Crichton (an ACC instead of an ABC). The books that shaped my views on society: The Lord of the Flies1984, Brave New World. My views on cosmogony so far have been largely influenced by Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama series and Orson Scott Card’s Ender Quartet. Now, I have a third to add to that: Neal Stephenson’s Anathem.


  1. Arsenal F. C.
  2. Football
  3. Literature

I have just finished reading Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. To those who don’t know, Fever Pitch is about Nick’s obsession with Arsenal. For those who don’t know what Arsenal is: nothing to see here, please move along, folks. I haven’t read of a lot of football literature, but as an Arsenal fan, it gave me a peephole into a world long since gone: the world when Arsenal were the equivalent of Stoke City of the last few seasons - the ogres of football. No, honestly. The way Nick described Arsenal and the Highbury crowd reminds me of the Potters in every way - the siege mentality, the general dislike from other fans, the media, the shit football…

Moving to Arch

  1. Technology
  2. Configuration

I’m not sure why, but Ubuntu takes a hell of a long time to start. The best I could get was 59s - and on occasion it even went to 1:15! If you think this isn’t a cause for concern, this might tell you why it is.

My super-awesome System76 Bonobo Extreme!

  1. Technology

I got the high-end Linux laptop available in the market: the System76 Bonobo Extreme. It is certainly my prized possession, way more awesome than anything I have ever owned, and anything I am likely to own in the next few years. I am not a professional reviewer by a long shot, but after two weeks of using the bonx6, I thought I’d post some of my observations.